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You're Not a Student First

It's here. Fall sports are well under way. You have received your class schedule. The school clothes shopping trip has been completed. Yep, the start of the school year is right around the corner. In less than a week, you will begin a brand new year of middle school, high school, or even college. Before you ever set foot inside that school on the first day, I would caution you to ask yourself a very important question: Who am I? This could possibly be the most important question you will ask yourself. Your answer determines everything. It will inform the very way in which you choose to navigate the new school year. Some will answer, "I am an athlete." For them, their school year will revolve around sports. Some will answer, "I am a band member." Their school year will revolve around band. Most will answer, "I am student." Their school year will revolve around academics. Every moment of their time, every ounce of their energy, and every drifting thought will be centered on sports, band, or academics. All of these are good things to be involved in. But there is a problem with centering your school year on them. Whatever sport you're in will come to an end. Band will do the same. Your classes, though crucial to moving on to the next step in education, will eventually come to an end as well. What then? These things, as good as they are, don't last.

If you are wanting something more out of this school year, if you are wanting to invest your time, energy, and thoughts into something that will carry you on beyond the walls of school, there is only way you can answer the question of "Who am I?". You must answer, "I am a Christian." For those of you who have placed your faith in Jesus Christ, repented of your sins, and now recognize Him as Lord over your life, this has to be your answer. There is no other option. Your identity as a Christian, should define everything about you, including the way you go through the new school year. Below is a 2 minute video from DesiringGod that dives a little deeper into this topic. It was originally posted for college students, but I believe the truths in this video apply to anyone starting a new year of school. After you watch this video, please stop and take some time to think. Think about the upcoming school year and all that you wish to accomplish. Think about what your goals are past middle school, past high school, and past college. And before you ever set foot inside that school, ask yourself: Who am I?