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Fall Series: Wisdom

Wisdom is a gift that far too few of us ever give any serious consideration. However, we all have those chapters or moments in our past. Those decisions we wish we could undo. Some of those bad decisions simply left us feeling embarrassed. Others left us scarred. What’s obvious to us now was not so obvious to us then. The truth is that no one ever plans to ruin their life. Sadly, no one ever plans to not ruin their life either. Very few of us ever take the time to ask ourselves the simple, yet all important, question that could potentially save us a world of heartache and regret. The question we should be asking ourselves is this: What is the wise thing for me to do? This fall we are going to explore where we get wisdom, how vital wisdom is to the life of a Christian, and how asking ourselves this question could keep us on the path of a life glorifying to God.